Can I just say, having a teenager is so much harder than I thought it would be.  I think it's especially difficult having one who was raised with a completely different value system for the first 11+ years of his life, who has difficulty trusting authority figures in general, and who thinks you are insane. Yes, I'm pretty sure our son thinks we are crazy.

Without going into details, I'll just say we are very, very tired of being lied to and deceived (not outright lied to but you know what I mean). It's so ugly, it's so terrible, and I am sure that it is very normal but AAAGGGHHHH.  We have some serious thinking to do to figure this problem out because it really is a problem. Really.  We're to the point we need to start relaxing on rules, giving more freedom...and yet we can't trust him so how can we possibly do that?  We only have a few years left.

Now. Onto homeschooling. I'm making a list of books to check out from the library to go along with our history (Story of the World Volume 1) and I am so excited!  Squeeee!  I am doing this in advance because it will help me stay organized and I can quickly see what books we need to get so we can just go to the library whenever and not have to make a big plan of it in advance. And I found some amazing resources online for activities too. Seriously there are some super organized and creative people out there and I am so thankful that they are willing to share with the rest of us who are maybe not so creative. :) I'm still gathering but maybe I'll post it later in case anyone is interested.  I should probably also start tagging my individual blogs too. No better time than now I guess.


  1. The audio books for story of the World are seriously worth the effort. You can put them on and then tend to a baby, tidy up, etc, still be In ear shot but not have to be the reader.


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