I'm pretty sure this baby is going to make me pee my pants before this thing is over. I do not remember feeling like this with Ben but oh my goodness, she is always kicking, or punching, or whatever, my bladder!  I wouldn't be the first pregnant lady to do that and I am sure I wouldn't be the last. But I really just hope that if it does happen it's at home.

Also, my kids have been sooooo sloooow about picking up toys. We were going to the zoo, or the park, or just somewhere today (I was going to let them pick!) so I told them, and said to get the toys picked up. At this time they had been playing for maybe an hour and a half, actually probably less than that, so it's not like the house was a complete disaster.  Before they started playing the toys were picked up, so all they had to pick up were the Duplo legos and the play kitchen dishes and pots and pans.  Fifteen minutes later I said well, it doesn't look like you guys want to go anywhere so we'll just stay home I guess! Pouting ensued. Then they asked if they could play outside. Sure, as soon as the toys are picked up! I cleaned up the (real) kitchen, and then took Ben outside.  Fifteen minutes after that they finally came out to play. Seriously!!!

So I'm not real sure what to do about that. It is frustrating. I haven't been letting them get out any of the "special toys" (the ones they can't reach!) because if they can't even pick up the toys that are out how can they possibly pick up even MORE toys??  I'm not going to sit there and remind them every 2 seconds to stay on task. Picking up toys is not something that is new, and they know where everything goes so it's not like that's a mystery.

I organized our toys. You should be proud. I mean, it was pretty monumental. Got rid of two boxes of crap  really great toys that we just don't use anymore, and also threw away about a trash bag of stuff as well. The kids were freaking out because of all the "new" toys, which are actually just toys that have been put away for a year or so. Or buried at the bottom of the toy box.  Ha ha!  More toys coming in with Y's birthday coming up, then M's, then Christmas.  Ah, so many toys.

Now on to doing something more productive!


  1. My boys (ages 4 & 6) love cleaning their room with a stopwatch. They try to beat their time (or do it in under 5 mins) and it's awesome. Sometimes, if the room is really bad I will tell them if they can do it by a certain time I will fill their marble jars (they get $5 whenever they fill their babyfood-sized jars, which they fill by doing certain jobs, chores, it always changes)

  2. Well, I guess they will learn. Keep at it, I know it's frustrating. You're doing great as a mom. Just think, about 18 years from now, you might be an empty nester!


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