Gender reveal

We had our anatomy scan yesterday. I accidentally drank too much water. Well actually what happened was, I followed the directions that they gave me. The tech had me pee before the scan, then during it she had me go again because my bladder was too full. Then at the end I went again. Seriously, how can one person produce so much urine over 45 minutes?  I was apparently very very well hydrated!

The baby looked perfect. 44th percentile (I think Ben was 52% at his 20 week scan), the amniotic fluid looked good, placenta looked perfect.  And I actually have an anterior placenta (where the placenta is on the front of the uterus).  It's not a problem but it just makes it so you can't feel the baby as well.  I feel this baby move a lot but it's always down really low, so that must just be below the placenta. The tech commented that the baby was kicking my bladder during the scan. Yes, the baby likes to practice soccer skills on my bladder which I just love, especially while I'm sitting in the waiting room with a very full bladder waiting for the anatomy scan. :p  I don't remember feeling Ben moving this much at all but my memory might be a little blurry for obvious reasons!

They checked the length of my cervix and it was 3.9 cm, and they like it to be over 3 cm so that was even great. No funneling or opening either which is also good of course.  They are monitoring my cervical length because of the previous pre-term labor with Ben.

And we found out the gender.  I have had a "girl feeling" about this baby, but my husband has only brothers, and of their combined 5 biological children all are boys. So I pretty much figured hey, it's going to be a boy because I'm not sure that his family is capable of making girls. :) I told this to the tech too.

Then she said ....

"You are SO having a girl!"

I didn't cry or anything when she said it was a girl even though I was absolutely thrilled. I did get a little teary as she worked her way through the body parts and showed our baby girl's little fist...ahhh, baby fist! So sweet!

We are completely over the moon. I am so thrilled! It hasn't really sunk in quite all the way yet. Soon enough I'm sure. All the little ones wanted a girl so they are all very excited too.  :)  I did ask the tech to double check, because I'm nervous like that, so she did and she was very confident that it was a girl and showed us as she worked her way through the area that there was definitely no penis. Ha! :)

We've settled on a name too I think, which is amazing because Ben wasn't named until after he was born.  Not because we are the kind of people who like to wait to name babies, but because we just couldn't agree on anything! Perhaps this is also the reason that our dog, who is a Shiba Inu, is named "Shiba". Yes, very creative and original.

Brian has been giving me my progesterone shots.  The first one didn't hurt hardly at all; the second was pretty awful and I was sore for 5 days afterwards.  I'm so thankful I don't have to give them to myself because I'm not sure that I have the guts to do it.

I will be 21 weeks along tomorrow! Time is going so fast!


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