One problem solved!

My friend Melissa, who reads my blog, texted me today.  She mentioned that open enrollment for ObamaCare didn't end until March, so maybe I could still get signed up.

Hmmmm. I had no idea! I thought the cutoff was 1/1/14.

So I called our insurance company pronto to find out.

Turns out that...yes! We can still sign up! And pre-existing conditions are covered, even pregnancy!  Woot woot! We will have to meet our new deductible once it goes into effect 4/1/14, but I'm pretty sure we will be money ahead, like lots of money ahead. Considering that otherwise we wouldn't have coverage at all, so we'd pay for all maternity costs out of pocket PLUS having to meet our deductible with anything else that the baby might need.  And somehow our premiums are not changing, and our deductible is only $4750 which is pretty good!

Huge load off of my mind. This should go into effect before I start needing the progesterone too which is awesome because I heard that stuff is pricey.  And I assume I wouldn't need another ultrasound between now and then either although who knows, I have no idea how frequently they will want to check me.

Thanks Melissa! This is why it pays to have smart friends. :)


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