It's been a while

I am not a very consistent blogger!  But I am still here, still alive. With some pretty crazy news that I'm dying to share, but it's not time yet!

The C-Monster came home from school singing this gem:

"Yankee Doodle went to town
Riding on a heater
Turned it up to 99
and burned his little wiener!"

This, along with the exclamation "Dancing baby Jesus!" shouted randomly for no apparent reason. He's 5 years old.  Yup.  So glad we are homeschooling next year.  I know that I can't shelter them forever, and that's not the point really. The point (part of it, at least) is to not expose them to things that they don't understand, things that they feel like "hey, other people are laughing..this must be funny, so I should do it too!" Most kids just don't have the maturity at 5 or 6 to be able to think to themselves "Hmmm...that doesn't sound like something I should say (or do), so I am not going to."  They will be exposed to it when they are ready, rather than whenever some bonehead at school decides to expose them to it. I am not articulating this very well but hopefully you get what I mean.

We downloaded the audiobook Alice in Wonderland from They have FREE audiobooks. The catch is that the books are only books that are public domain, and they are read by volunteers. We listened to two chapters tonight and both Y and C did a pretty good job of paying attention and were able to say what had happened, despite the fact that they were playing with legos and whatnot while they were listening.

I also purchased the Stuart Little audiobook from the library...actually what happened was I checked it out, and one of our dogs ate the packaging, so we got to pay for it. So maybe after Alice we will do that one.  And yesterday we finished up reading Charlotte's Web, which we have been reading for about a month and a half!  We've read a lot of shorter books in between though.  I do enjoy reading to them, and I love that they love to be read to. :)  One of the bonuses of reading to them is that generally I get to sit down while I do it. Aaahhhh. :)

So I decided to knit stockings for the family. For all of us. Now that we have a nice fireplace mantle it just looked so bare this past Christmas, and buying nice stockings costs a fortune when you need 7 of them!  Anyway, I finished one! It is for Miss M. Her initials are MMM as you can tell from the stocking. I think it turned out pretty well, given that this was my first true colorwork piece. It remains to be seen if I can finish the remainder by next Christmas. I'm about 1/3 of the way through D's stocking at this point...ok maybe not quite that far.  Ha! I am using the free Cascade 220 Stocking pattern, but using a different type of yarn because a) Cascade is expensive and b) Cascade is not readily available near me. It is turning out OK I think. I think with my next stocking I will do the toe seam differently, this was my first time working heels or toes at all so I think all in all it is not bad. The heel seam looks much neater.

I suppose that is it, I really don't have much to say! :)


  1. That's a really nice sock! What's the news?

  2. On the homeschooling thing? Yeah, I get it. Totally.


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