What do you do when...

You have no disposable diapers in the house on a day that the kids go to preschool? Send your two year old in underwear of course! Shockingly, she had no accidents. So I've continued sending her in underwear. Yeah miss M!  We haven't had any accidents at home since then either. Now that I mentioned it I'm sure we will though.

I am nursing Ben four times a day, which means I basically live at the hospital and nothing is getting done at home.  Yesterday was our first day doing that and he gained .2 ounces for the day. Awesome right? Usually he gains about an ounce or so a day, but at least he's not losing anything!

The hardest part of nursing is keeping him awake. In the mornings he will only take one side, which I have no idea how that is enough for him but come hell or high water I can't get him to take the other. At noon today when I fed him I finally got him to take the second side for a few minutes and then he fell asleep. He had pooped so I changed his diaper. He woke up briefly and fell back asleep before I was done! He seems satisfied but I just want to make sure he is getting enough. I don't think they'll let him leave if he's not gaining enough weight.

Bio mom messaged me on Facebook asking to see the kids. She is back in town, I guess. I told her we can talk about doing a visit in s few months. This is per our contact agreement. She kind of started freaking out about how the kids won't know her and maybe she should just stay away. She deleted her Facebook account before I could respond. Whatever, I guess.

I was blessed to have two baby showers this past weekend. One was supposed to be last weekend but it was rescheduled due to the blizzard. And apparently it's supposed to snow again this weekend. I'm so over this winter. I can't wait to get my baby home and go for walks with the stroller and hang out in the fresh air outside.

I got Ben's dresser set up and filled with clean clothes and diapers. I bought the dresser with plans to refurbish it, but then I went into labor like two weeks later. So my dad did it for me and it looks awesome! It's a nice low dresser so we put the changing pad on top of it. Our bedroom is jam packed full and we still have to get the bassinet in there somehow. We need a bigger house!

D is done with wrestling. He did well for the season, I think it's his new favorite sport. Now he is doing track. But he wasn't going to, until our conversation this morning.

Me - Is that track meeting today after school?
D - Yes but I'm not going.
Me - OK. So you're not going to do track?
D - I don't know, should I?
Me - I don't care if you do track or not, I'm just trying to figure out what is going on.
D - OK I'll do track. I'll go to the meeting. It gets over at 4:15.
Me - Wha... OK.

So apparently I talked him into it? He is so strange!


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