Baby mooooo

My husband and I had this brilliant plan that before the baby was born we would spend a night at a hotel and his mom would watch the kids. She was going to watch then when I had the baby, so it would be kind of a test run for her and one last break for us.

Well obviously we missed the boat on that one since Mr. Ben decided to come 11 weeks early.

But we somehow conned Brian's dad to watch the kids for us for a whole night, and since Ben is still in the hospital it was kind of our last chance to do something like that for a while.

So Saturday we rented a really nice hotel room, went and saw a movie, AND went out for dinner. I don't think we have had a date since our trip to Florida in November (unless you count going to the NICU together as a date) so it was really really nice.

Of course our "baby moon" began with a visit to the NICU, and we had to schedule around pumping, and I still had to wake up in the night to pump. But it was nice to get away for a little while.

Sunday morning I woke up sick. :( It was the first time I had been sick since Ben was born. And of course I can't go into a hospital ward filled with medically fragile patients when I'm sick! So it sucked. I didn't get to see Ben at all on Sunday. It wasn't anything major, just a big headache and a stuffy runny nose, but it could have been bad news if one of the babies had caught it.

Also, I think I might have gotten my period back already. Stupid, right? I have like 3 periods a year, then 6 weeks after giving both AND while "breast feeding" it comes back? That makes no sense. So that was stinky too. I went for my 6 week check up and we had to reschedule it for next week.

I did ask my midwife if she had any more info on why I went into labor so early. They ran some tests on my placenta, and came up with nothing except some inflammation. She said about half of placentas have that, so it is still inconclusive. I think we are done having kids so maybe it doesn't matter that much. Just would be nice to know I guess.

Anyway. Yesterday I pumped 10 ounces of milk. It was a record setting day, despite being sick and possibly on my period and not being able to see Ben. The day before I only pumped 8 ounces! So I don't know what is going on but I'll take it!  And since I didn't get to nurse at all yesterday it should be a pretty true indication of my current supply. Ben still eats 12 ounces a day but I anticipate that going up soon. He weighs 5 lbs 6.5 ounces!!

D is doing well with wrestling. Since he didn't do it last year he doesn't know all the moves and stuff, but he has won most of his matches (I think he has only lost one so far, out of 5).  He has had three meets in the last week and I think he has three this week too.  The schedule is totally crazy. We can't get to all his meets, partially because I am chained to my pump. Kind of a bummer, but it is only for a short time. Next year my pump will most likely not be in the picture.

Today is the last day of swimming lessons for the little ones. C is doing super well and is even ready for the next level up! They all really like it. We aren't going to sign them up for this next session but hopefully we'll be able to get them back in swimming lessons sometime this year when things are less crazy (ha!).

I guess bio mom messaged D on Facebook asking him to call her (against the contact agreement) and he said he just responded and said "no".  I asked if he was mad at her and he said he wasn't, but I'm not so sure. Or maybe he isn't mad, just hurt.

He has started calling Brian's mom and dad grandpa and grandma.  He says Brian's family is like his family (not sure if that is a good or bad thing) so they feel more normal to him. It's a start! 

One of the kids' aunts has been harassing Brian on Facebook to let her and her kids see our kids.  She keeps saying how her son cries himself to sleep because he misses our kids so much. The thing is, our kids never ever ask about her or their cousins. The only time D talks about them he is telling us how annoying they are.  So we aren't too inclined to grant her wish at this point I guess.


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