Halfway there

Well when they weighed Ben after my last post he ended up losing 20 grams (2/3 oz) for the day. Kind of a bummer.

But! This morning I asked if we could do a before/after weight on Ben. He got 28 ccs, then I pumped another 20 ccs. So that is a total of 48 ccs, and a full feed is 55 ccs. And I had also just pumped 2 hours before that (he eats 55 every 3 hours). I'd never be able to pump 48 ccs every 2 hours, so somehow he does get out milk that I can't access with the pump for whatever reason.

He has gone 4 days with no alarms also so that is great! Yesterday was his 8 week birthday, tomorrow he will be two months old.

The C monster was asking yesterday about swimming lessons. I told him we might take them again, but probably not for a while. Then he asked "Will we take them when we go see our (bio dad)?"

I don't even know what made him draw that connection.  We have no contact agreement with bio dad, he did not want one even though we offered to at least send him pictures. We did not offer visits because he was so in and out during the case and we just thought it was best.

So then I had to explain that when the boys are older they can go see him if they want to.

Then they started asking about bio mom. That was hard because she can see them but so far has chosen to move further away and not see them. I kind of vaguely told them that she lives far away now and it was too far for her to come see them but that she could still come. C told me I needed to get her address. And I tried explaining again. And he finally said "She misses us." And I said that I was sure she did miss them and that she loves them very much.

They always bring this stuff up in the car. It's so strange. And of course it's when I'm least expecting it too.  I wonder how often they think about these things but don't say anything.


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