Our caseworker came over for a visit yesterday.  I learned a bunch of new things. One is that apparently bio dad doesn't get a "goodbye" visit since he was terminated on. I wasn't aware of this.  So I am kind of surprised. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, though it is kind of sad because his last visit he didn't realize it was going to be his last visit.

The other thing is, we have been waiting...and waiting...and waiting to be notified when the "goodbye" visit with bio mom is.  Caseworker said that she told bio mom to call her or have her therapist or attorney call her for the goodbye visit.  And, she hasn't ever called.  So who knows when the "goodbye" visit will be, or if there even will be one.

Also caseworker said she thinks bio mom and bio dad are back together.  And that there is a possibility of more babies, if they are.  Bio mom is young, she could have a lot more babies in her time.  Bio dad already has something like 12 kids, and at least one grand child.  So technically, our three littelest are aunts and uncles!  I think I'm doing that family tree correctly, right? If one of their siblings had a baby then that would make them aunts and uncles?

I know we will not be taking any more foster children.  Definitely not from this mom and dad... and definitely not from anybody any time soon. God may change our minds down the road but right now I think we are at our limit.  It still makes me sad that possibly C, Y and M might someday have full blooded siblings that they might never know.  It makes me sad all the 1/2 siblings they have too, and how spread out and messed up their family trees are. Even D has at least 3 or 4 1/2 siblings that he knows of...not to say his dad hasn't had more children in the past few years.  How would we know, when nobody even knows where he is?

I guess we should just be thankful the 4 of them can be together...even if they may never know or have relationships with their other siblings at least they have each other.


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