Not Me Tuesday

Yesterday I got up at 5:15 a.m., ran 7 miles, came home and went about my normal day. I pretty much spent the entire day while the kids were gone at my desk making reservations for this weekend, working, catching up on stuff that I have fallen behind on, working on our finances, etc.  Then...then my husband says "Hey, let's pick up the kids from daycare on our bikes!" This involves my bike pulling the bike trailer with the two littlest kids, and him pulling the trail-a-bike with C on it.  Well, I agreed. was 100 degrees, and it was a very hilly almost 7-mile ride to get there. I was exhausted by the time we got there, and then of course we had to pull the kids the whole way home.  It is not easy pulling 80 pounds of bike trailer+kids up hills, and there were some BIG ones.

We got home, I made dinner, and my husband said he needed to go take some pictures for his work.

The baby had been extra whiny (seriously, I think she is purposely trying to get away with not using her words and just screaming all.the.time. for what she wants).  I definitely did not say to my husband "NOOOOO! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE WITH THEM!"  That is really horrible, right?  Anyway all 6 of us loaded up the car and went to drive around with my husband taking pictures.

I am such a wuss when I'm tired. :)

In other news, I skipped my run today, slept until 6:00, laid in bed until 6:40, and it was wonderful. Wonderful, I say! And on top of that my farmer boss emailed me and said we aren't working today.  And that is just fine because I have a loooot of work left to do around here.  Business is booming and it's great, but my workload has doubled! :)


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