Peanut's mom's rights got terminated officially today.

We went to the hearing which was last week. It was crazy.  There was so much lying etc. I wrote it all down, I just want to be able to remember and my brain isn't what it used to be. Still, bio mom's attorney did a good job of making it seem like bio mom just needed more time. I thought the judge would give it to her.  But the GAL and the state's attorney agreed that 20 months is long enough, and not enough progress has been made.  The initial case from 2016 was never closed, even though he did go home for a few months.

I didn't want to go into too many details on here so I'll leave it at that. No adoption date is set yet, I'm sure it won't be for at least 5 more months. I'm pretty sad, but also somewhat relieved knowing that he is safe and doesn't have to be put through any future craziness.  It's a strange mix of emotions.  She can still appeal, of course. We will see!

He really has settled in really well, things here are going great.  He is talking SO much and saying so many more words.  And getting used to playing with other kids, so that's nice!

Miss M is peeing in her bucket and hasn't peed on any weird things since I last wrote. It's a relief but I'm kind of just waiting for the other shoe to drop at this point.  I mean it would obviously be best if she could use the toilet like a normal person, but the bucket is much preferable to anything else in her room!

The big kids are going to a cooperative school two days a week and home schooling the other days, it's a new thing we are trying this year. Today is their first day at school, tomorrow will be their first at home. I'm a little nervous but it will be good, I think?  The little 3 and I went to the gym this morning so I could run, then we went to Wal-Mart.  Claire fell out of the cart at Wal Mart (it was horrible, the first time anything like that has happened, and I felt like a horrible parent). Wal Mart is seriously the worst place to take a group of young children. Their carts safely sit only 1 child.  No car carts or other types of carts which can seat more than one! Then when we got home we were getting drinks, going to the bathroom, and getting ready to go outside...when Peanut grabbed M's toothbrush, stuck it in the toilet, and then put it in his mouth! GAG! It happened so fast.  Parenting fail number 2 in like 30 minutes! :)  Worst mom ever!

We went to see the total solar eclipse yesterday. We spent about 5 hours total in the car getting to the path of totality.  It was pretty awesome, and something we might not ever get the chance to do again!  The older kids thought it was awesome. Claire got scared and cried when it got dark.

Welp that's it I guess!


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