TPR, home studies, and other things

We found out that Peanut's TPR hearing is coming right up, on August 14.  Today would have been his dad's 45th birthday. I'm very sad for him, that he will not have any memories of his dad.

We are still waiting on our home study. They haven't gotten my fingerprints back yet. They've gotten hubby's back, and we got fingerprinted on the same day. This makes no sense but we are talking about the government here, it doesn't have to make sense!

We also started going to family therapy. Our therapist is really awesome. Whenever D was in therapy it was just him and the therapist talking; I had to beg borrow and steal to get any information at all it seemed.  This therapist is really focused on building our relationship with our kids, and I'm very happy about that! The kids actually have little to no one-on-one time with her; sessions always have me or hubby present along with the kiddo. Nothing too strange or crazy is going on, I just feel like with the re-appearance of bio mom and more and more questions coming up about adoption, foster care, etc. we could use the extra help.

I talked a few posts ago about a lady I met at an adoption forum, who had been through a lot of the same things we had been through.  We had them over for dinner this past week! Our kids all hit it off. Their kids match up pretty well to our kids' ages.  Their 18 month old and Claire were just hilarious together, they had a lot of fun!  Our house was FULL and it was awesome. :) They have 7 kids but 3 are teenagers and didn't make an appearance (in typical teenager fashion!).

The 4th of July is coming up.  Our (current) youngest, who will be 3 in September, is scared to death of loud noises. We were at a pool and the lifeguard blew the whistle for break time = crying for 20 minutes. Any booms, bangs, even the sound of the vacuum cleaner can set her off and it is very difficult to get her out of the cycle of crying once she gets in it. I ordered her some ear plugs and noise cancelling headphone things, I really hope it helps. Our neighbors typically "celebrate" (i.e., torture us!) for a week on either side of the 4th with the fireworks. The last 2 nights right at bedtime we've had a neighbor shoot off one loud, window-pane shaking firework which leads to lots and lots of crying, making bed time really difficult!

She's always been our high maintenance baby, and she's always been scared of loud noises! I really hope she'll grow out of it someday. Cars driving by with loud engines, a sibling dropping an errant toy onto the hardwood floor, any "little" thing is enough to start the tears and the crying.  It really seems like it's getting worse and not better the older she gets. :(


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