Pregnant dreams

So on Friday I started reading the book Divergent. You may have heard of the movie, it's in theaters now.  Anyway there are three books. Saturday I finished the first book...then I started, and finished, the second. Sunday I started the third book and I finished it up on Monday.

Saturday we also went to see the movie in theaters.  It was OK but kind of a let down after reading the books. Books just have so much more detail that you could never get from a movie that has to be squished into 2 hours, you know?

As you can see I was completely immersed in this Divergent nonsense.  So it should not be surprising that I had a dream about it!

I dreamed that I had the baby, and the day afterwards was chosen for a fight in the Dauntless faction.  Brian was telling me that the baby was fine, but the doctors said she wouldn't gain any weight until she was 28 weeks. I told him that there was NO WAY the baby could have survived, 15 weeks is not even close to the age of viability, but he insisted she was fine. I was totally confused about how the baby could be ok, and I had no memory of having given birth and I was really upset because I had wanted to hire a doula and apparently I hadn't had time to before having the baby. I woke up before I had to start the fight but I was totally not worried about going to fight even though I had just given birth the day before.

I bought a dresser for the new baby, the first thing I've bought specifically for her. I should probably stop saying HER because I'm sure it will end up being a boy.  :)

I've finally started feeling movements pretty much every day. Just when I'm lying or sitting very still and not really doing anything.  It's reassuring to say the least.  For a while there I was just feeling so anxious, wondering if the baby was still OK.  I don't know why I'm so stressed about this pregnancy. I mean I'm trying not to be, but every day I think about going into labor, what would happen if the baby were born early, etc.  I'm hyper sensitive to every tingle, every pain, trying to figure out if I'm having contractions. Most of this is completely out of my control but I am just anxious.

Then I'm also anxious about having a full term baby, as far as size. Although Ben's head was 10 inches around, apparently average full term size is about 14 inches around so it's not terribly a lot bigger. Or at least I can tell myself that. ;)  My midwife said (after poking and prodding around) "Well, you shouldn't have any trouble delivering a 7 pound baby" and I'm would be ok if she were maybe 6 pounds and some change, doesn't have to be 7 pounds! That sounds awful I know; I will be thankful for however big this baby is when it comes. :)

Speaking of big, my tummy is getting pretty big already.

Yeah. I have gained no weight so far, which is good because I started off ten pounds heavier than I'd like to be.  I'm not sure how my tummy is getting so big and nothing else seems to be getting smaller but whatever!

I bought a group of maternity clothes today for $30, I probably got 20+ short sleeve shirts and tank tops and two pairs of pants. I had some maternity clothes already but they were mostly winter stuff since I was due in April with Ben. This time I'll be nice and huge during the heat of the summer, yay. :)  Anyway I'm pretty excited, even though when I got home several of the shirts were just "normal" shirts, I can still wear them eventually...just not anytime soon, ha ha!

An occupational therapist came to visit with Ben during his PT appointment to evaluate his left hand.  She said he obviously has control over it, he can open and close it and use it when he wants to. She said it's almost like his brain isn't registering that that hand is available. Most babies if something is on the left they'll grab with their left hand, or if it's on the right they will grab it with the right hand. He'll use his left hand if his right is busy, but otherwise he will twist so that he can use his right hand. So she recommended a full workup with an OT to see if he also needs occupational therapy as well as physical therapy. I'm not sure when that will happen.

Our schedule is rapidly filling up with appointments - OB every 2 weeks from now until whenever they go to every week (or until baby comes, whichever happens first!), PT every week, possibly OT every week also, then the kids have check ups coming up and I need to get us all in to the dentist before the baby comes. Aaaaaack!

Such a boring life, and yet so busy. :)


  1. You look perfectly adorable. I used to have dreams about stuff like that. I could take my baby "out" to play beach volleyball and then put them back!


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