Bio mom

So I'm sure I mentioned that I sent bio mom a message a few weeks ago just checking in on how she's doing, and I hadn't heard back from her.

Well I finally heard back from her last night. She's in the hospital for her heart and blood pressure, and it's not looking so good. She has struggled with this for a long time, it sounds like it runs in the family. She's still very young, too young to be dealing with this but I guess we don't get to decide what "too young" is.  Anyway it sounds like she'll be in the hospital at least for a few more days. And doctors found something else on her liver but aren't sure what it is. She was supposed to find out today but hasn't yet.

She asked me to call her, so I did. She said "You guys are about the only family I have left" meaning people that she actually talks to. :(  I was nervous about it because I thought maybe there was a chance of confrontation but it went just fine.  She sounded so tired and a little discouraged, which isn't like her at all.

I told her we'd pray for her, which we will. I tried to encourage her, tell her funny things about the kids and whatnot.  We aren't telling the kids anything yet until she gets some more answers. I'm not sure how exactly to explain this kind of stuff to the little ones but we will figure something out.

She also recently lost a baby at about 11 weeks. It sounds like the baby would have been due about a month before our little one so that is just heart breaking.  I can't imagine going through that kind of loss, and she still had the grace to congratulate me when I told her I was pregnant (before I knew about her loss).

I guess it's just kind of a lot to process right now.  So if you think of it be in prayer for her too.


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