I am trying to register for baby things. I'm having a terrible time! I have registered for a crib, a changing table/dresser combo, some sheets and a matching "duster" which I think is like a bed skirt for the crib.  Someone made us a baby quilt with elephants on it (our first gift for the baby!), so I kind of decided hey, I like elephants, we'll just use that as kind of a "theme".  It's hard imagining a nursery that will probably not exist for another 6-7 months!  Also the bedding set that I really liked was called "Benjamin"...and was $300 for 4 pieces. way dude. No. Way.  So I just picked some stuff not in a set, which I like just fine.

The furniture I registered for is black and the crib is convertible to a toddler bed and then I think a full-sized bed, and it is manly enough I think it will grow with him just fine.  I think we are done having babies after this one (ha ha ha...I say that as though this whole thing was planned!) so I can pick all boy stuff and not feel too bad about it.  At any rate, so I found some cute elephant things, and a baby bath tub, and some stuff for nursing...and what else do we need? I mean, really.  I think our insurance will pay for a breast pump so that is nice (especially since they aren't paying for the birth itself...they lucked out on that one!).  It's not like we need a bunch of bottles or anything like that, I don't think...?  I figured if people want to buy us toys, they can pick them out themselves, I mean a baby isn't too hard to please!  I know people will buy us clothes and things too, so I don't want to register for that stuff.

The only other things I can think that I want is cloth diapers (yeah, we are so doing cloth -!) and possibly a jogger, in case I can just take the baby with me if hubs is home with the other kids (probably while everybody is asleep!). It would need to be one that is infant compatible, and the ones that everyone talks about are EXPENSIVE (i.e. the BOB Revolution SE).  The nice thing is that we'd only have one kid in a stroller so it could get lots of use, not just for jogging but for trips to the zoo or museum or going for a walk or wherever, for the next year plus. We currently only have double strollers since we got them when the boys were 1 and 2.  Oh, so long ago and yet not so long ago at all!  I'm a fan of baby wearing but by the time Miss M was 6 months old my back was killing me from wearing her around everywhere, plus you can't baby wear and run (duh!).  So, I don't know. But I doubt anybody wants to buy me a $300 stroller ($460 if you buy it at thanks!).  Apparently infant seats can strap into them so they are very safe. Our friend is letting us borrow their Chicco Key Fit car seat, which is compatible with the Revolution and adapter.  Mmmhhhmmmm. Methinks it might be a good investment, and I DO have a birthday coming up... :)  Just sayin'!  Otherwise I might just use my "athletic" budget for the year...since I'm not going to be buying anything "athletic" for at least the next 6 months!

In completely unrelated news, Miss M sleeps in a drop-side crib (yeah I know, drop side cribs are bad, which is why we need a new one for the baby).  I took the side off today to make her bed (can't reach over it anymore with my big belly!) and thought, maybe we can just leave it off so it is like a toddler bed!  I figured she is going to have to sleep in a normal bed eventually, and if we have problems with transitioning her then I'd rather it be now instead of when the baby is here.  So I guess we are going to give that a shot tonight. I expect she'll fall out of bed at least once...we shall see.  If it is totally awful we can always put the side back on, but I'm hoping she'll cooperate so she can sleep in her new "big girl bed". ;)

ETA: I figured out more stuff to register for! Burp cloths, a diaper pail and liner for cloth diapers, baby shoes and socks, and some sleeping gowns (they are long with elastic at the end, so you don't have to mess with unzipping or unsnapping in the middle of the night, just lift up and change the dipe!). And I registered for some clothes too...I tried to register for a variety of sizes and clothes that look comfy, cozy, and easy to change. Yaaaay. :)  And a few bottles that are supposed to make the baby suck similar to the way that breastfeeding makes them suck...just in case!


  1. I'd go ahead and register for the stroller, for two reasons.

    Reason one: Some stores offer you a discount on things you buy that were on your registry, but weren't purchased. (It can be up to 10% off, which is big on a big purchase like that.)

    Reason two: Sometimes groups of people get together and pool their money for one big gift, rather than 10-15 people spending 20-30 dollars on little baby outfits. (I was given a changing table that way for my first child and the double stroller for my second.)


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