Potty training and other stuffs

I decided to start potty training.  Both Claire and Peanut. At the same time.

I may or may not be completely insane!

Yesterday we spent most of the day in the kitchen (on the wood floor) and outside.  We did no pants, and took their potties around wherever we went. They have matching potties, it is very cute!  We read stories, ran around in capes (they did, I did not, lol), sang songs. There was lots of pee, some in the potty but mostly not.

By the end of the day I was completely exhausted, pretty sure Peanut was not getting it at ALL and that Claire was really hit or miss.  She did poo in the potty (YAAAY) and also did 2 big pees in the potty. Peanut pees about every 5 minutes, on or off the potty, wherever he happens to be.

Today is going better. Peanut is actually doing a good job of telling me he needs to potty. He even wanted to sit on the adult potty, and he went! 3 times!  Claire can hold her potty for longer, so when she goes potty it is a TON of potty...and if it is on the floor, well, you know.  Evan leaves...little sprinkles. A lot.  LOL

At one point I set their potties in the living room, and turned a show on for them so I could get a little break from watching their every move and rushing them to the potty.  I was helping C in the kitchen with a cake he was baking...and in the 4 minutes I was in the kitchen, Peanut poo-ed on the floor, stepped in it...and my dog ate it. I am serious. I was soo irritated with myself! Ew!!!! Dogs are so gross.

So today is going better. I feel like if I can get over the hump here for the next few days, we might have two potty trained kids! I told Claire no more diapers except for sleep time. She is nearly 3 now, and I'm pretty sure she's capable of being potty trained. She wants to be changed after she pees or poops, so she knows what is going on and can do it in the toilet! All the other kids were potty trained by her age. She's also the most strong-willed, bull-headed of the children, so I may or may not get my way on this. :)

These are the 5th and 6th kids that I have potty trained. It does not get easier.  Ben was soooo easy to potty train, I know I was lucky with him! Y and M weren't bad either.  We'll see how the rest of the day goes here, we are going to a friend's house tonight and they are going to wear diapers because, just, no. I am not dealing with that outside of home. :D

Peanut's former foster mom has not said a single word to me since I told her she couldn't take him.  She also didn't come to the birthday party, even though she said she would. So, that was weird.  She also posted on FB about how she is on all of these narcotics for pain relief from a car accident several years ago...apparently it's a pretty big thing.  And going into surgery to get a rod in her spine? And she wants to take care of a 2 year old who is a crazy running guy? Sounds like a recipe for disaster!  I know we did the right thing but I am still sorry that she seems to be so upset about it.

So Peanut's mom was supposed to get a "goodbye" visit after her rights were terminated. The visit was set up about 4 different times. The final time, she was told that she needed to call the worker to confirm the visit by 6 a.m. that morning so that the worker could drive to pick Peanut up and have him to the visit. The worker lives far away from us, it's nearly a 3 hour drive.

Bio mom called in late. The visit was canceled, and due to the number of times it had been missed, it was not rescheduled.

The visit worker asked if she could give bio mom my number, because bio mom said she had cake, clothes, and diapers to give to him (since it was his birthday a few days ago).  I told her sure.  Bio mom wanted to meet us to drop the stuff off...then she started asking if Peanut would be there.  At this point Peanut of course is still a ward of the state.  I told her we wouldn't be able to get Peanut to see her, but she could drop the items off with Peanut's grandma (who lives close to bio mom) and she would get them to us.

Anyway. Bio mom freaked out a little, tried to send me on a guilt trip about it.  I told her we'd need to get a visit approved by the caseworker, and she said "My caseworker already approved it, she gave me your number!" She went on about how she already spent $30 on this cake, and "are you just never going to let me see him again!?!?" Hmm, but the transport worker is NOT the caseworker, and also, she never said you could visit Peanut with us! So, nice try, but no.  And also, I don't exactly trust bio mom, due to all the lying that I have known her to do, so getting together with her at this point just seems...scary. I asked the actual caseworker, and he said no visit. So again, I know we did the right thing.

Bio mom never dropped the stuff off with grandma, either, so I don't think getting it to us was really very important after all. She just wanted to see Peanut, which I understand. It's very sad that she did not make it to any of the four other visits, and that she didn't call in in time.  She has been on the call in system for 6 months, she knows how it works.

Anyway.  Back to potty training! :)


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