Well, here we are again

It's been a year since I last wrote. So much has happened! Way too much to put here, but suffice to say it has been crazy.  Our oldest has headed off to boot camp for the Marines, he'll be in the reserves. The other kids are 9, 7, 6, 4, 2.

Maybe I'll have time to catch up on stuff later, though I'm feeling a little weird about posting too much online. It's scary out there in the internets!

I'm writing because our journey in Foster Care Land might not be over, like we sort of thought that it was! Let me explain.

In January 2016 hubby's brother and brother's girlfriend had their son taken into foster care. They didn't tell anyone, and their son was with a foster parent (a stranger, no one in the family) for 3 months until hubby's mom found out. She contacted the state and was able to be the foster parent for the little boy.  Brother and his girlfriend got straightened out, and got him back about 9 months later.

In January of this year my husband's brother unexpectedly passed away. He had a heart attack, totally out of the blue.  He was in his 40s, not an age where you think about that sort of thing happening.  Things have gone downhill for the girlfriend, unfortunately. The little boy (who is, of course, our nephew) got taken back into foster care in March. She has not made it to any visits since then.

Long story short, the state is looking for a permanent home for him. She has other children, I'm not sure what happened to them but I think she has at least 3 other ones that she does not have custody of.  We are in contact with the state and gave them our information, so, maybe possibly, we might have one more joining our crew! Hubby's parents are really too old to adopt a 1 year old, they are nearing 70. I'm sure it's hard on them as it is just to care for him, much less signing up to be parents forever (though I'm sure they would if there were no other choice).  Obviously this is foster care. Anything could happen. Something could happen tomorrow, nothing could happen for months. Mom could get her life straightened back out still, I think she still has a chance to parent if she can get it together soon. I'm not sure how much time she has, I think she's still on the clock from the last time he was in foster care.

Our nephew will be 2 in August, he is about 11 months younger than our youngest. He is a super happy guy, our 4 year old son especially just loves him.  I think he's fit right in here, not to say it wouldn't be difficult to add another child but he's family, and we definitely have the room and the love.  So, we will see.

Anyway. I will maybe write later. It's just nice to have a place to kind of hash these things out.

For now, we wait! And wait, and wait. And possibly wait some more. :)


  1. Welcome back to blogland! I hope things go week for you and your nephew!!!!! Will watch for more updates!


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